Talk from Becky Taylor
Saturday 17th October
Topic : Council Estates and Relationships
The Dream of a New City…
With an illustrated talk, author and UEA historian Dr Becky Taylor takes us on a fascinating journey through a time of great change in mid-20th Century Norwich.
Drawing on the human stories of families who lived here after the First World War and up to the 1970s, she shows us the vision and hopes that led to the slum clearances and new council estates.
“People used to have a dream about how things could be better, a sense that ordinary families deserve a beautiful place to live,” she says.
With the latest in a series of informative, challenging talks at Silver Road Community Centre, come along to hear about the triumphs, the mistakes… and why it’s a story hugely relevant today.
Saturday October 17th, 7pm to 8.30pm. Entry £3. Free tea and coffee. The centre is at Silver Road, NR3 4TB. (For free parking, turn right through the first archway as you come up Silver Road from the city end, just before The Cottage.)