Shih-fu Symonds

Wednesday – 7.30 pm Dao Quan (Taoist kung Fu)
* More than just effective self-defence. It’s life-changing and empowering. Helps to overcome physical problems, ill health, lack of confidence and improves coordination, fitness, health mental/physical, as well as keeping you safer.

Thursday – 7.30 pm. Dao Taijiquan / T’ai Chi.
* The most comprehensive traditional school in the area, teaches you from the ground up, these wonderful health giving exercises that are both gentle, energizing, calming and de-stressing as well as being practical for self-defence! Come and join in with our friendly group, bring a friend if you like.

All classes: Just £5 towards hall hire & equipment. Non-profit group.

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Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07941077119