Silver Road Community Centre Trustees

Minutes of Meeting September 6th 2016

Present: Ian Gibson (chairman), Julie Brociek-Coulton, Cym Cant, Mark Johnston, Pete Kelley, Stuart Bentley.

In attendance: Anita and David Myhill, who have expressed an interest in becoming trustees.

Minutes of the meeting on August 9th 2016 were accepted.

Matters Arising

Norman Smart – He has not been to several meetings now. Although we have not heard from him, Ian has phoned, spoken to his wife, and explained that we will assume he is no longer able to be a trustee. This was agreed. He has some paperwork, which will need to be returned.

New youth club – Julie has people coming on board for that. The new club will be called “Silver Kids”. We already have a banner with that name. Julie will see whether CIM Signs can change the dates and times on it.

Tablets – Ian has paid for six, costing £383.94.

Handyman – Julie needs a cheque for £149 for him, for work done two weeks ago. She has a break-down of the work. He has done quite a few things including putting an outside tap near the kitchen for watering. He is now looking at some floorboards in the main hall, which need attention.

Wifi – Julie has approached Virgin Media. It would be about £360 for a two-year contract. This is covered by a grant.

Locking/unlocking – Pete and Ian had covered the period when Julie was on holiday. They reported that it was interesting to meet some more of the people who use the centre, and hear their views. There is a lot of real enthusiasm and they all think the world of Julie.

Fees – The money for use of the centre, twice, as a polling station has now been received.

Financial Report

We are now receiving a balance statement every week. The figure on August 26th was £5,706.8p. Allowing for one outstanding cheque, it is £5,678.9p.

Julie has some additional bills, and some income – though a number of groups did not run in August.

She has a bill for £226.80p to replace three CO2 extinguishers and four foam extinguishers. This is to be queried, as it’s felt they should last a few years. We also have a bill for £272.41 for building insurance.

Manager’s Report

Financial management – Julie has sent trustees a link explaining an online system suggested by her daughter, Chelsea, and Chelsea’s boyfriend, who has a company and uses it for his books. It creates invoices and automatically reminds people who have not paid. If people pay by BACS, it will highlight that this sum has come into the account. The system also provides regular income and outgoings statements. It is £72 for the first year, and £190 for the second.

To set it up involves a lot of initial inputting, so Chelsea is waiting to hear if the trustees agree to it. Although living in London, she is willing to help set it up and act as treasurer. Fred De Lemos has also suggested that a young woman at his firm, who is doing Book Keeping Stage Two, might be able to help. The system would be a lot quicker and easier for the manager.

Cym said at present, with our NatWest account, we need two signatories to pay out money, which might cause difficulties for this system. It would not be a problem if we’d moved to the Co-op, as is intended. It was agreed the trustees welcome the suggestion and support the idea in principle. Chelsea will go with Ian/Cym to the bank to see how it can be set up.

Ian asked if the Charity Commission has a rule concerning two people in the same family working on finances. Pete will check with them. (Julie felt that as long as both are not signatories, it should be fine. She is secretary at the Toy Library (and a signatory) with Terry as treasurer, but a third person is the second signatory.)

Anglia in Bloom – Last year, SRCC got a silver award. This year we have done even better, with a silver gilt. Norwich not only got gold, but won the whole section, with a best pub and best newcomer for the Adam and Eve, best restaurant for the Assembly House and best BID (Business Improvement District) for Norwich. Mancroft also won its category. The trustees congratulated Norwich in Bloom on its fantastic success this year.

Refuse – Julie reported that people holding parties are still not always taking all their rubbish away. This needs emphasising on the hire form.

Kate Price – Kate is the new Neighbourhood Senior Officer at Norwich City Council, is very interested in visiting all the community centres, and has mentioned that there is £500,000 in Heritage Lottery funding available. Julie says we might apply for money to decorate the inside, and deal with damp. Julie reported that Kate Price has also said SRCC is already doing a lot better, in terms of activities going on, than some community centres which are much better funded. So, bearing in mind we are quite new, we‘re developing well, though we do need better marketing, and we need someone to sponsor good banners for us.

Mark said he might have a contact for banners.

Silver Moments Café – Malcolm (whose cakes are very popular) is off sick at the moment, so they‘re having to buy cakes. The café is just about covering its costs, but it is bringing people in – which is also important.

Garden and external appearance – A man has told Julie he’d be free Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to do some gardening. Julie suggested we hire a skip for £135, so that we can get rid of all the rubbish, outside at the back, and the weeds. Julie has asked the handyman, Charles, to repaint the doors at the front, paint the grill over the door and also look at the cracked tiles on the path, if not too expensive. This was all agreed.

Julie is interested, at a later stage, in getting some proper plant troughs to replace the ’guttering’ holding flowers at the front of the building.

She also suggested getting a mural on the side of the building, beside the parking spaces. A woman who did murals at Magdalen Gates and George White schools has given her a price. We could then demolish the old toilet block, at the back, put a shed in that space and create raised beds, to improve the appearance of that side of the grounds, which is an emergency exit.

Julie was asked to bring quotes for costs to the next meeting.

Companies House Registration

There was a query over whether we need to be registered, but Ian has clarified that we don’t unless we are employing someone.

Future of the Building

Ian said that in our best months, we are taking in about £,1000. After bills, there’s not a lot left. But if we got to £2,000 a month, he thinks we could pay a manager. He is very keen to get to this position… as we’ve got a voluntary manager who is doing a great job for nothing, and has been for over two years. We’d not get anyone else to do that. Up until now, we‘ve not been successful in getting grants to employ a manager. £2,000 a month is a lot more, but it gives us a ’ballpark figure’ to aim for.

Julie said there are more groups that would use the hall. She is having to turn them away. Apart from early afternoons, we are quite booked up. We don’t, at present, have many parties in Saturday nights. Maybe a way to bring more money in, she said, would be events in that slot like Quiz and Chip nights.

Any Other Business

Film nights – David queried the potential cost of £500 for a license to show films, saying it would be based on the square footage of the building. Julie said the idea of film nights needs, in any case, to wait until there is someone really committed to taking it on.

Open Day – Cym asked if we could have another open day, to draw people in. Julie said there will be stalls and other activities, like arts and crafts for children, here on McMillan Day, September 23. To do more than that would be something to think about for next year… perhaps tied to the Big Lunch.

Barbecue – Cym said it would be nice, before the evenings get too dark, to hold a barbecue outside.

QD Store – They had contacted Julie to offer some more donations, and gave her three car-loads of stuff.

Fire exits – Pete queried that, although the back door into the garden is a fire exit, people can’t then get out through the back gate. Julie said this had been discussed with Tim, who is a fire officer. He’d said as long as the main doors are available, it wasn’t a problem.

Accounts – Cym asked if we have someone lined up to do the books, before the year’s end. Ian said he’ll discuss with Chelsea how much she can do, and we‘ll have all the paperwork (including some that Norman still has) ready for next month.

New Trustees

David and Anita confirmed their interest in becoming trustees, and were welcomed. Pete will register them with the Charity Commission.

Date of Next Meeting

October 18th, 7.15pm