Please find the minutes of the Silver Road Community Centre held on 5th July at 7.15pm.

Silver Road Community Centre Trustees

Minutes of Meeting June 7th 2016

Present: Ian Gibson, Cym Cant, Julie Brociek-Coulton, Pete Kelley

Stuart Bentley

Minutes of the meeting on May 17th 2016 were accepted.

Matters Arising

It was reported that Sarah Manley has resigned as a trustee, due to ill health. Pete will get in touch with her, and collect any paperwork, keys and outstanding youth club money. Julie understood there was £53 to return, but some of this may have been used for the youth club‘s last-night party.

Julie has now had the receipts relating to money for redecoration of the café room.

The website showing SRCC youth club, and the the club’s Facebook site are still operational. Pete had contacted Jason to take these down, but will do so again.

Financial Report

The current balance is £4,648.49p, though there are some outgoings to come off that.

(£1,000 of this money was for the Silver Moments Café. £200 was allocated to the youth club, and there is £200 for Stay and Play, leaving approximately £3,300. ) There is a further gas bill for £110.84.

Manager’s Report

We’ve now held several Silver Moments Cafes, mainly attended by the eight volunteers. Malcolm, one of the volunteers, and Julie visited St James sheltered complex last week and got several people interested. We have about eight regular users now. We feel it is building up. But Julie asked if the café could not pay rent for maybe two or three months, while it is getting established. This was agreed.

Julie has been contacted through Streetlife by a man who is giving us a quote for five wheeled bookcases, so that they can be kept securely in a side room.

A young woman called Charlie is helping to weed the front garden, and is tackling the far outside area behind the car parking space. Julie is pruning the willow.

There will be a community get-together organised by Norwich City Council on June 17th.

On July 17th, the Anglia in Bloom judges on the Sewell Route will be coming here for coffee. The Zumba and Belly Dancing groups have agreed to alter their times, and will also be there to talk to the judges. The Special Needs group will be making cakes.

On July 7th , the worldwide Communities in Bloom judges will be coming here, to learn about how the centre was saved.

Active Norfolk are looking into having a six-week session here in September. Julie is waiting for confirmation.

We will know by the end of June if we have got the £800 grant from Jarrolds for the damp patch on the wall.

We are awaiting two cheques of £175 each from the council (for council elections and referendum day polling).

We are now on Instagram. Julie went on a Social Media for Business course at Wensum Lodge. We already have 16 pictures on there, and three followers.

There is to be a tea dance on June 8th. There has been a donation of £250 from Potts Funerals for this, and £105 from the Lions Club… a fantastic start for holding tea dances here. So far only about 15 tickets have been sold, but others have expressed an interest. Stepping Stones will help serve the food. Tescos are donating pastries, and 750 leaflets have been delivered.

.Over the next month, Julie wants to start monthly bingo sessions, as well as a community café on Monday afternoons, about 2-5pm, to coincide with the school run. Malcolm is helping with that.

Malcolm is also trying to start a Wednesday afternoon monthly LGBT social club, possibly with table tennis and shuffleboard.

Several users of the hall have now got a padlock key- which allows Julie some Sunday afternoons off. Julie will provide a list of these.

Someone is needed to open at 12.45 on June 11th. (Pete will do that.)

JB Training has added two more sessions, as she is becoming so popular.

Julie is working on another list of jobs for the handyman, Charles. There is a severe damp patch in the ladies’ toilets. New taps (already paid for) are to be put in the kitchen. We need a cooker hood (so we can get a ‘five star’ health and safety rating), and metal hooks to hold the fire doors open. Also – though not essential – Julie would like the diamond slates near the second main door replaced. (Agreed.)

The room is booked for a Sunday in August for a presentation day for Norwich in Bloom.

There are concerns over the proposal for Meals on Wheels to use the kitchen from 9.30am to 11.30am Monday to Friday, while only paying £50 a week. Considering the disruption to other activities, the limitations it would put on us developing a café, and the extra electricity costs. It was decided to drop that idea, for now.

Julie has applied for a £500 grant from Norwich City Council for two more tablets and wifi for a year.

It was agreed Julie should attend a course on assistive technology for physically-disabled people.

Julie has been meeting Steve Wiseman. We are making an application to Awards for All, and looking at some other possibilities, with a focus on decorating the hall, getting new curtains, and wooden access ramps for fire exits. Steve has spoken about getting a proper music centre and a projector, and trying to get sponsorship for part of the cost.

George Saunders from the Norwich Access Group has been offering advice on making the centre more accessible.

Julie wants to take two weeks off from August 12th to 29th. She will try to get people to open and shut for themselves, and will let us know what the gaps are. (Pete said he is around during that period.)

Future of the Building

Ian had contacted the Charity Bank, which was recommended to us. But they are not a bank, for day-to-day use. What they do is loans. And repayments on a loan of – say – £50,000 would be in the region of £1,000 a month.

Ian is investigating further. But they had also checked on the Charity Commission website, and pointed out that we did not get our last financial report in on time, which could count against us. They also said that we are in deficit.

They would need to see three years’ worth of financial records, to consider a loan.

Pursuing a new account with the Co-op Bank is being held up because they need the reference number of our application, which Norman has. Pete and Ian will both try to contact him to get this.

But we urgently need a new, pro-active treasurer. It was stressed that, by about November, we will need to look at preparing our financial report for the current year.

We still need to get the side rooms done, and secure a salary for the manager. The grant application to the county council, which includes a manager’s salary, is still being pursued.

Any Other Business

Julie reported that Home Instead is paying us £20 a month for a banner displayed outside the building.

Date of Next Meeting: July 5th, 7.15pm