The Silver Road Community Centre is surviving!!!!!

We were grateful for the peppercorn rent which allowed us to lease the Silver rooms on a 25 year lease and turn it into a Community Centre. There were many people who predicted we would not get the support of the Community and raise the money. How wrong they were!!!! The Trustees have worked hard particularly Julie to engage their best and participation. The Community support has been way beyond our belief and there is more to come. So join us in this amazing story and sign up your group. The social and economic contribution it is making in many peoples live is overlooked, yet Community Centres are the glue which hold our society together. People of all ages whether it is a café or is making Halloween lanterns are finding they can do things together and make plans to give each other support which is not provided anywhere else in the City.

A recent report from the Community Development Foundation has shown the vital contribution that Community centres such as ours give to the community from small amounts of funding. The value of the services, the volunteers they attract and their impact on society is hard to put a price on. Soon we will be investing in the Silver Road Community Centre to improve health, meeting with friends and how we can bring about an improved quality of life. Soon we hope to have educational sessions with interviews of Norwich Celebrities (Chosen by the people that live in Sewell and the surrounding area) on our agenda. In the end the benefits of tackling social issues will save us money.

Its not just the NHS which needs investment but the community is an essential component of providing better health services. So keep the small sums coming in and help us to keep it viable. No one does this to make money but to provide a better life for the community, where people struggle to make ends meet, schools tackle their many problems and its community is made up of people from different parts of the world.

Support this fantastic cause, become one of our members and support this community.

From Dr Ian Gibson ( Chair of the Silver Road Community Centre Trustees)


Ian, Cym and Donna from the Silver Road Community Centre