Greener Growth Group have been helping us to look into what can be done with our patio at the back of the Rooms and at the side of the rooms too. Our plan is to put railings along the side of the Silver Road Community Centre which will have willow woven in it. Also plans to get rid of all of the stones at the front of the rooms and the side of the rooms, and put in decking down the side of the rooms which will make our outside Community Café. The front of the rooms will have the stones taken out and raised beds will be put on there. and to the other side of the rooms will be a flower bed. Also raised beds will be put in the corridor behind the building and we are hoping to have some intergenerational work with older people and the Magdalen Gates Primary School to plant herbs grown by Norwich in Bloom Group. We are so glad that the Greener Growth and volunteers will be there to fulfil this project. We have put in for some funding for this project and should we be lucky enough to receive this funding we will go ahead with this. Any volunteers that want to come on board to help us remove the stones before the project takes place are most welcome we don’t meet every Sunday so get in touch with Julie on 07786694325 or [email protected] and she can let you know when we are there next.

Below are pictures of Neil and Jo from Greener Growth looking at what we can do with the front of the building and the side areas which will have decking and plants.