Our Room rates are £10 an hour with a £20 deposit. Both hire rate and deposit needs to be paid before the rental is confirmed.

Our Community Centre has been running for over three years and has gone from strength to strength. This has been successful due to fantastic volunteers we have in our community and also the many Trusts and Charities that have given us their grants.
In the last three years we have managed too:
* Had willow fencing put around the rooms.
* Trellis in the back patio put up.
* All of the hall decorated
* Kitchen and Cafe painted
* Fans put in the main room to help keep the heat going through the roof.
* Mirrors on wheels bought
* Easels for life drawing bought
* Garden planted around the rooms
* Have a Library now in one of the rooms
* Have lots of china cups, saucers, tea pots, jugs and sugar basins for our Silver Moments
* Two toilet painted out
* Bought projector and sound system
* Bought Projector.