Thank you so much to everyone who supported this evening. The food supplied by Admed Spice, 50 Back Lane Wymondham NR18 0LB was outstanding. Lots of people commented on how wonderful it was and so much of it. Also many thanks to the Bollywood Sparkles who not only gave us a fantastic show but ran a really wonderful workshop and nearly all of the people attending had a go at Bollywood. It really was a wonderful night, great entertainment and value for Money. This is what our Community Centre was started for, to see the Community enjoy itself together without spending loads of money. We still managed to raise a few pounds but this was more to get the Community in and let them know we are there for them. It was an enormous success. Well done Hilary and Julie for making it happen, but also support from Donna, Terry, Pete, Ian, Rita, Chelsie, Ellie, Beth, Jeremy and Minde.